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We'll miss you!

We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed Shopami as much as we had building it, but it’s time to say goodbye. We’ll be deprecating Shopami on May 20th, 2018.

View all your email offers, deals, coupons and discounts in one place

Never miss another deal from your favorite brands.

See all your discounts and coupons in one place and view deals by expiration date, store name, and popularity
Featured in InStyle and as an "ingenius app" that makes shopping a breeze

"Never let a promo code expire... Ingenious app."

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How It Works


Shopami organizes all the deals from your inbox into the app.

Shopami organizes all your email deals, coupons and discounts in the app.

Select your favorite brands for notifications.

Select the brands you want to receive notifications from so you get pinged for deals and offers you care about

Receive notifications before deals expire or when you're near a store.

Shopami pings you when you're near a store with a valid offer and before a deal expires

Check out deals and discounts while you shop. Never miss a deal again.

Check out deals, sales, discounts and promo codes in the app

100+ of your favorite brands

Shopami shows you the deals, discoutns and coupons from your inbox that match our list of supported stores.

Make sure you subscribe to your favorite brand's free email programs to get exlusive offers and special personalized deals on your mobile device!

Stores Like...

  • Shopami supports Crate & Barrel and other home goods stores
  • Shopami supports major department stores like Macy's, Nordstrom, Dillard's, J.C Penney and more
  • Shopami supports most clothing retailers like Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, and more
  • Get offers from Victoria's Secret and Pink on your mobile device
  • See offers from Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and many more in the application
  • See offers from Shopami's supported stores like Forever 21, H&M and other major retailers
  • Shopami supports stores like Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware and other home goods retailers
  • Shopami supported stores include Urban Outfitters, Lucky, Free People and Madewell
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond is a Shopami supported store. Don't miss out on all those 20%off and $5 off in store coupons
  • J.Crew, J.Crew Factory and Madewell are all Shopami supported stores.
  • Shopami supports most clothing retailers like Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy and much more.
  • Anthropologie is a Shopami supported store

Testimonials wrote, 'A genius app! Who doesn't want a shopping buddy?!'

"A genius app! Who doesn't want a shopping buddy?!"

- SheFinds
Shopami was featured on the Stylish Cravings blog and described as 'pure shopping awesomeness'

"Pure shopping awesomeness! I can only imagine how much easier this year's holliday shopping will be!"

- Stylish Cravings
Shopami has been featured in the Mimosas and Manhattan blog, 'Without Shopami, we would have completely missed the deal.'

"Without Shopami we would have completely missed the deal!"

- Mimosas & Manhattan

About Us

Shopami Shop-amee

Here at Shopami, we strive to live up to our name, making our free mobile app your ultimate shopping companion. Our mission is simple: never miss an email offer from your favorite brands.

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Shopami is proudly built on Context.IO the free, RESTful email API.
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